Working with Jez Dolan on 'Life's A Drag'

Working with Jez Dolan on 'Life's A Drag'

Screenprinting Tuition

Alongside his work as Operations Manager for Hot Bed Press Andrew also works as a Screenprinting Tutor specialising in all aspects of screenprinting tuition from the basics up to more complex processes such as CMYK Screenprinting and advanced techniques such as the use of Rubylith and Frisk. He also teaches digital preparation of artwork for optimum print results.  

Working One to One with Artists

Andrew has worked on a number of projects with established artists such as Jez Dolan, most recently on his project 'Life's A Drag' supported by Arts Council England and English Heritage. Andrew specialises in working creatively with artists to hone their technique and expand their vision on the possibilities of Screenprinting. 

Teaching students the fine art of Rubylith Stencilling

Teaching students the fine art of Rubylith Stencilling


Some Feedback from Artists who have worked with Andrew


'I worked with Andy to create a new edition of prints for a recent exhibition. I had almost no knowledge of screen printing beforehand, but the weekend spent working with him was massively enjoyable, I learned a huge amount, and felt that he was interested in the work that we were producing together in a really collaborative, creative and dynamic way. I am really proud of the work that we made, and would completely recommend Andy to anyone, not just for his technical skills, but his creative approach and willingness to share his experience and knowledge. Oh, and he's a totally top bloke to boot!' 

Jez Dolan


'Working with Andy is fun, informative, supportive and most enjoyable. Made me laugh and dance with excitement and wonder. It will support my practice moving forward and the in depth written and pictoral content was excellent.'

Sarah Hardacre


'Thanks for a fantastic course! I learned so much. Andy is so organised and the course proceded smoothly because of this. The digital element was excellent. Can I have more please!?'

Anne Byron Hehir


'Andy could not have been a better, nicer, more patient and knowledgable teacher. Thank you..'

Helen Lerwill